Enable Camera settings

This can be done either when prompted on first install, by pressing the “enable camera” button in the control interface.

Place your device on a flat surface

Select a flat surface, and ensure that your device cannot fall off

Have some fun!

Change the position of your hand to control pitch and volume

(The TrueDepth camera starts detecting depth at around 15cm / 6" above the device)

Hold your hands in position above the device

AirSynth displays circles to guide the position of your hands for pitch and volume

Alternative to hand input

Press the toggles on the control interface to switch to slider control

Users on older devices

  • AirSynth will still install, and is still usable on your devices but without any camera input
  • You can control pitch and volume by controlling two sliders in the control interface of the application
  • Improvements may be made in AirSynth to better support older devices in the future, please sign up to our mailing list below to keep up to date with any announcements

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